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What is User Provisioning?

Manual management of data and provisioning of services is not an easy task for HR department of large enterprises. User Provisioning is a form of managing the IT infrastructure or application services of any company by creating, deleting, modifying or upgrading the user data which associated with it.

Aims of Provisioning Software:

User Provisioning works in compliance with IAM system which is responsible for creating, processing and provisioning of service and application access to the user based on their access groups which depend on their roles.


Whenever a customer or a worker added to the company’s ecosystem, his credentials are created and stored within the User Provisioning workflow. This step grants the assigned rights to the user depending on his role in the company.


If an employer or a customer receives promotion or upgrading of services, the User Provisioning software updates the workflow accordingly.


When a service or rights have to be de-activated, User Provisioning workflow deletes user data from the records.


Any change in positions of workers or information of subscribers made under this aim of User Provisioning software.

Why do you need User Provisioning?


  • High scalability:


Business companies and large enterprises have a constant flow of employers and related information which needs creation, modification, and deletion depending upon the circumstances. A static User Provisioning system is not a suitable choice for such platforms where data has to review on a daily basis. Moreover, to overcome this problem, User Provisioning software offers dynamic scalability. It means that no matter how many users are getting onboard with the company and how many let go, the workflow will automatically update and renew itself depending upon the need. The high scalability of User Provisioning makes it suitable to be used in association with HR departments to aid the internal auditing and external monitoring of the company.


  • Reduced chances of errors:


With the latest User Provisioning, gone are the days when employer and customer information had to manually add, modified, upgraded and deleted from company’s records. The top-notch User Provisioning software allows an opportunity to manage all these aspects in a reliable, quick and error-free manner. User provisioning software not only monitors and updates the information but also makes necessary amendments to ensure transparency in business records and avoid data breaches. Since the User Provisioning workflow adjusts with the needs within seconds, there are no chances of falsified data remnants and any delay in the creation of new data.


  • No more revenue loss:


The problem with faulty ISP service providers is that they fail to sync the business systems with the service platforms. The result is in the form of incomplete billing information or incorrect completion of data provision. Such errors in entering and updating of information can result in the defective billing to the subscribers or customers who have terminated their subscription with your services. Another error which can occur in the form of no invoice to the customers who have availed your services can also arise. This will not only compromise your business’s credibility but also result in substantial revenue losses. User provisioning software all such chances of error and revenue leakages by streamlining the billing, provisioning and sales connections between your services and customers.  


  • Easier to manage:


Unlike the manual provisioning systems which require a lot of time and effort for their management, review and upgrading, User Provisioning systems are way more natural to manage because of their automated workflows. Your HR department can associate with the User Provisioning software and work efficiently to update, create and delete user data depending on the company’s requirements. User Provisioning eliminates the need for installing expensive hardware and managing manual or electronic software catalogs saved on various jumbled software. User provisioning software offers you a connection of sales to provisioning which then connected to billing. A single upgrade in sales will result in the upgrading of provisioning and billing workflow accordingly. The customers then billed accordingly. User Provisioning not only makes business efficient but also easier to manage.


  • Enhances Business Agility:


The core characteristic of any business is its ability to modify itself with the increasing customer demands and complying with emerging trends. User Provisioning is one such latest trend which offers a single, connected platform for user management efficiently. User provisioning software allows you to improve your services and meet customer demands in a flexible and hassle-free way, keeping you top of the line in the market competition.

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