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Does your employees have to remember different user names and
passwords for different accounts? With our single sign on solution you
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What is Single Sign-On?

Tired of keeping track of a plethora of login credentials to access online company applications and services? Single Sign-on Software is the solution for you. In an electronic eco-system where multiple users are continually accessing services and applications, the need for re-authentication can cause unnecessary friction resulting in user fatigue and reduction in productivity. In situations like these, Single Sign-On service works as a catalyst to reduce the login friction and boost user productivity. Single Sign-On is a user and session authentication service by which users can access multiple applications and services by using only one particular set of login credentials. This login information provided by the IT center established inside each online business company, and it is the only way through which the SSO can do.  

How does Single Sign-on service work?

Single Sign-On service is usually provided by a Single Sign-On provider which offers user access to multiple applications by using the Federated Single Sign-On. The information set is in the form of a password and username combination which eliminates the need for tracking multiple sets of login information and repeated logins for users.

SSO allows the sharing of session information:

Suppose that one of your workers logged into a Domain A after entering Log-in information. You want the same user to log into Domain B without having to re-enter login information. For this purpose, it is evident that the session information has to transfer between the domains. Here is where the Single Sign-On system works its magic. SSO eliminates the blockage which the Domain A and Domain B have to face for the sharing of session information. It means that once SSO has successfully shared the session information between both domains A and B. The user can quickly switch from Domain A to Domain B and vice versa. Moreover, without having to re-enter login information as he will direct to the main page instead of login page on Domain B. This type of Single Sign-On also called as cross-domain Single Sign-On.

Why do you need a Single Sign-On solution?

Single Sign-On service is being employed by many big franchises which have a vast ecosystem of interlinked services, apps and users to perform its daily tasks. Here are all the reasons why you need a Single Sign-On solution for your company:


  • Cuts down help-desk expenses:


Usually, help desks are installed inside the companies to process and authenticate the log-in requests to authorize access. With SSO, the frequency of multiple login requests coming from the same user reduced as only one set of credentials is sufficient to offer decentralized access to all apps for the user. Since fewer login requests received for processing, the help desk can work seamlessly. The need of employing help desk managers also eliminated, and there is no need to pay the employers anymore.


  • Enhances productivity:


Since SSO reduces the password and login fatigue, the users can efficiently and quickly access the desired applications and services without much hassle. All you have to do is authenticate yourself once, and the SSO will take care of the rest for you.


  • Promised user satisfaction:


Single Sign-On provider offers Single Sign-On service which streamlines the login requests and eliminates the friction users have to face during cross-domain log-ins. Your customers and employers can share the benefits of hassle-free, Single Sign-On service to access the information, application, and services which they desire. Forget the worry of forgetting a variety of log-in information and ease into the world of hassle-free log in with Single Sign-On solution.


  • Boosts security:


Unlike the common single step authentication methods, SSO has improved storage for user credentials and encryption keys which are impossible to crack. Similarly, the Single Sign-On offers better tuning and auditing of user data and can also centralize the authentication in specific servers through its complex system. It means that there is no doubt in the fact that Single Sign-On improves security to a significant extent.


  • Allows B2B collaboration:


Many big enterprises such as automobiles require the sharing of data with other companies for the development of vehicles. Single Sign-On service allows seamless sharing of data through extranets for the accomplishment of interoperable tasks. The security risks also reduced.

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