Improved password


Your high-tech security is useless if your passwords are weak. And how would you remember unique difficult passwords? Password Crypt is the solution

Smart features


User friendly

Pcrypt provides a simple overview of all your passwords and logins. With just one click you can now log into all your usual websites


You can share your passwords and logins with your team and still ensure a complete overview of what you are sharing. With Pcrypt you don’t have to compromise security with the daily hustle and bustle

Encrypted messages

Communicate with your team members within our encrypted Messenger feature. Get the benefit of keeping important and personal data encrypted

Maximum security

Your logins, passwords and other data are top secured with 256-bit AES standard, that means no one is able to access your data, not even the team behind PasswordCrypt

Easy and secure access

With our smartphone App and browser extensions you will always be able to get a smooth experience no matter where you are and what device you are using

Geolocated logins

One of our unique features are the Geolocated Filter. It gives you the option of assigning GeoPositions to your passwords so they only appear on specific locations. This saves you time and gives you an amazing overview of the passwords and logins you need to show at specific locations only

Sync passwords across devices

Sync passwords across devices

See how easy it is to crack your password
Type in a random password and see the result right away

Test a Password

Why choose password crypt?

Advantages of using Password Crypt over other solutions

Reviewed by 3rd party safety institution

Never breached

Low price

30 days free premium trial

Secure team sharing

Secure team messaging

Two factor authentication

Attachements to passwords

Geo Located passwords

Notifications in App

OWASP Secure

Trusted by everyone

Join thousands of individuals and corporates who trust their password security to us

People talk about us

Pricing plans

Our Pricing Plan is simple. We really want you to try our product, to understand the benefits. Why wait when you can start with a Free Plan today. Lets get started!

Free Lifetime Account


0 per mo / per user

Free protection for all your logins and passwords. Start today

Most Popular


2 per mo / per user

Secure password sharing (&) Access to all functionalities
*Applies to annual payment. Monthly payment is 3 €

Most Popular


2 per mo / per user

Free protection for all your logins and passwords. Start today



1000 one time setup fee

Domain and logo hosting. Admin panel with more functions and options.



2000 one time setup fee

Local installation at your chosen server.
Account management.
Tutorial courses.
Personal support

  • No credit card needed
  • Signing up takes just 7 seconds!
  • No creditcard needed
  • Signing up takes just 7 seconds!

Loved by teams

Get 5 free password security tips

Get free tips as well as important notifications on major password breaches on popular sites like Twitter, Linkedin etc.

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