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What is Identity Management?

In today’s challenging world of online security, the need of employing a full-proof security plan is vital to secure online data and confidential information of a company or associated enterprise. Today, the hackers, frauds and other cyber-criminals are more advanced and efficient than they have ever been. To cope with the ever-evolving security threats, the use of Identity management is a core necessity. Digital identity management is an integral part of restricting the access to unauthorized users as well as provision of restricted access to low-level and high-risk authorized users. The use of Identity management solution offered by a reliable identity manager is vital to prevent online threats such as hacking, frauds, and phishing, malware and ransomware attacks.

An identity management system will not only help in whetting your business’s security plan but also allow only authorized access to associated apps and other data for users designated in specific access groups which based on their roles.

How does Digital Identity Management work?

Working hand-in-hand with the world-class Identity Access Management system, the Identity management solution ensures that only authenticated personnel is authorized with access to privilege defined information and online company data. Identity management is responsible for receiving access information, sorting access information into various access groups, determining user roles and providing access accordingly, as well as revoking of credentials if a user leaves the company circle. It means that Digital Identity Management only lets authenticated personnel to send access requests to IAM, which authorizes access to company data. People such as investors, customers, limited subscription users and other forms of low-level and high-risk personnel given access to data which matches their roles; the rest of the information is restricted to access from them.  

Benefits of Identity Management system:

Identity management system offers you a comprehensive framework which ensures the implementation of access policies and technologies which are needed to support the effective management of authorized access based upon the privileges assigned to users. Digital Identity management can help your business regarding security and efficiency in the following ways:


  • Streamline User Experience:


Identity management system usually employs SSO which eliminates the need for repetitive authentication which is to do on behalf of the users. Many of the customers as well as the workers of any IT company or business have a common complaint of facing some authentication steps which consume much productive time. Identity Manager uses SSO based identity management solution which eliminates the need for entering various authentication information. All you have to do is keep track of only one login information, and you can use this username and password to entrée your defined level of company data and services.  


  • Improving Security:


When an online platform has to tackle with a plethora of login requests on an everyday basis, the chances of data breach and fraudulent activities become higher than average. Moreover, to cope with the multiple access requests while maintaining high-end security, Identity Management system works amazingly. You can secure your sensitive information by restricting user access.  


  • Enhance work efficiency:


Identity management uses SSO which saves time, money and effort which may excessively spend otherwise. Your company gets the opportunity to cut small the expenses upon creating an Identity access management helping desk, and your users get the hassle-free, one-step access to the information, services, and data, and they need online. In this way, not only Identity management saves you time and effort but also keeps money and helps in increasing productivity of your business.  


  • Simplify Reporting and Auditing:


Since all the SSO information stored in Identity Access manager, any breach in security or data can easily be tracked using the data stored. The user credentials can also be easily collected from the Identity management system when the need for auditing arises. Similarly, is a user is taken onboard or off the board, the provisioning and revoking of access credentials are also managed by the Identity management solution respectively.


  • Hassle-free global access:


Digital Identity management eliminates the boundaries and authorizes access to every authenticated employer or user to company data from anywhere in the world, at any time, by performing a simple login step.  


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