Password Crypt Features


There are already many articles and recommendations from experts about the benefits of using a Password Manager to protect and manage your passwords.
Lets here give you the reasons for why you should choose Pcrypt as your one and only Password manager.
With all the smart features you get with Pcrypt, you are good and safe to navigate all around the cyber space with confidence.

Simple Overview

Finally you can get an overview of all your logins

Password Crypt gives you an overview of your logins and passwords, so you have them in one safe place, while you can use them from all your devices. It’s so user-friendly that you can log in with one click on any account without having to remember long and unique codes for each individual site. It is all handled automatically by Password Crypt with extremely high security.
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Sharing with teams

Sharing of passwords

You probably know it all too well; You must share logins and passwords with others. This should not happen, but is becoming more and more common due to the transition to cloud computing. Now you can do it in a safe and easy way, as Password Crypt allows sharing of logins and messages to other users. Password Crypt team feature allows you to keep an eye on who you share logins with. It can be very useful when a person leaves the team or a new member enters. When somebody share something you automatically get a notification about it.

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Encrypted Messages

Messages in a safe environment

You can handle more than just your logins and passwords with Password Crypt. You also have the ability to send encrypted messages via Password Crypt. You can send all the messages you want to individual team members or the entire team. It is useful when exchanging sensitive data from team members or when you want to handle the customer’s personal data in a safe way.
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Geolocated Logins

Filter your logins according to your physical location

Geo-location support in Password Crypt gives you an incredibly user-friendly experience. In addition to the common custom tags you can specify on your logins to quickly locate them, you can also view your logins according to your current physical location. When you are home, you will see the logins you need at home and if you are at work, they will be displayed. If you drive between different locations, only the logins that are applicable in the area of ​​your location will be displayed.
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Maximum Availability

Always at your fingertips

By using the browser extension and smartphone app, you get a fast and easy user experience while maximizing security. Automatically logs on to websites and new logins are automatically saved. The overall system is designed to provide easy and intuitive use of Password Crypt.
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Maximum Security

Achieve greater security

We have done our utmost to comply with industry standards to ensure that your data can not be read by others. You can use long and unique passwords everywhere with a code generator. Your password for Password Crypt is never sent over the Internet, but is only used on the device you are using. Encryption is done with 256 bit standard AES or ECC with Javascript on your local device. Alexandra Institute at Aarhus University has performed 3-part code review following the OWASP guidelines.
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