Why should I use a password manager?

Many people have a few passwords that they use for all of their online accounts, such as for shopping, banking, and social media. They have only a few passwords because that’s all that can easily be remembered. The passwords are usually short, too,for the same reason.

The problem is, short and simple passwords are a cinch for online hackers to figure out. (That’s what they spend their days doing instead of getting a regular job.) If they figure out just one of your short and simple passwords, do you know what they do next? They test it to see if it works on other online accounts, like your bank account or Facebook account. Pretty soon, they can get access to just a few of your accounts and cause a lot of havoc in your online and offline life.

So you see, the best passwords are long and complicated. Something like this:


Even if a hacker uses a special type of software to try to figure out this type of password, it would take the villain years to do it,

Of course, even if you could memorize the above password, you wouldn’t want to use it on more than one account. It’s important to use a different password for every account you have. And that’s why you need a password manager; it saves your passwords and automatically inserts the appropriate one when you need to log on to an online account.

I just log in to websites with my Google or Facebook account. Why should I consider Password Crypt?

It’s true that when you log in to other websites with your Google or Facebook account, that’s one less password for you to remembered. But keep in mind that when you do this, Google or Facebook can see what websites you log into, thereby giving them access into your private behavior. As a corporation or business, you should not allow Facebook or Google to manage your passwords.

But isn’t it dangerous to store my passwords on the internet?

Password Crypt keeps your password information completely secure by requiring you to enter a master password. This is the password you type into your browser to log in to Password Crypt. It gives you access to all of your other passwords. The master password remains on your browser and is used to encrypt/decrypt any password data sent over the internet. (For encryption and decryption, Password Crypt uses 256-bit standard AES or ECC.)

Note: The master password is only stored in your browser as long as the browser window is open and you are logged in to Password Crypt.

Important! If you forget your Password Crypt master password, all your data is lost. There is no way for the Password Crypt staff to access your data.

But isn’t it dangerous to send my password information over the internet?

When you are logging into Password Crypt, it uses the Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP, version 6a) to verify you have the correct password. The core principle of SRP is that it is not necessary to send your master password over the internet when you log in to Password Crypt. Instead, what is sent during login is a “key” that is used to verify you have the correct password for logging in.

It seems dangerous to store my passwords online. What if the Password Crypt website is hacked?

There are two levels of concern to address here. One is the security of the website server that hosts the Password Crypt code. The other is the security of the password database.

Regarding the website server security, all website servers are vulnerable to being hacked, though the degree of difficulty varies by how much security was implemented on the server. Password Crypt is hosted on a server with a company that has undergone various certifications, inspections, and audits in order to assure its customers of its confidentiality and security.

Regarding the security of the password database, we have designed Password Crypt with the highest level of security possible. In order to “break into” the database, the attacker would need to have vast, NSA-level computing resources that are not available to the everyday cyber-criminal. The possibility of such an attack being successful are so small as to be almost nil. We ourselves are so confident in Password Crypt’s security that we store our banking account password information on Password Crypt.

I already have a password manager. Why should I consider Password Crypt?

There are certain advantages to securely storing your passwords with Password Crypt. First, you can access your passwords no matter where you are in the world. If you travel a lot or have multiple devices at home and at work, it makes a lot of sense to store your passwords online. Second, by running Password Crypt online, we can provide features that other password management software can’t – like secure team password sharing and messaging.
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What do I need to do to start using Password Crypt right now?

Password Crypt works within your favorite browser using Javascript technology. Most browsers run Javascript by default, but if you are not sure, you can check your browser settings to see if Javascript is enabled.

Once you are sure that Javascript is enabled, you can go to the Password Crypt website and create an account: https://www.pcrypt.org?register.

When you are ready to use Password Crypt to log into websites, you can install the Password Crypt browser extension (also called an “add-on”). For installation links, please see the bottom of the frontpage.

An app for your phone is also available.