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Password Crypt Video Guides

We made some video guides to help you get most out of Password Crypt. If you prefer a complete guide to each feature we recommend you to see our Pcrypt Handbook Guide, which is a detailed manual for all the features available.

Remember that we always available if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or chat with us.

How to get started

Easy explanation on how to create your account

This video explains how to create and verify your account, how to login, create your first password, use a password generator, tags and set basic settings such as auto log out.

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How to activate 2FA

Secure your Pcrypt account with Two-factor authentication security

This video explains how you can add an extra security layer known as 2FA which stands for Two-factor authentication. It is a method of confirming users’ claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors: 1) something they know, 2) something they have. This could be a mobile device. It is a simple process but increases your account security significantly!
You can use the Google Authenticator app available on both iOS and Android or the Authy app

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How to send encrypted messages

Messages in a safe environment

You can handle more than just your logins and passwords with Password Crypt. You also have the ability to send encrypted messages via Password Crypt. You can send all the messages you want to individual team members or the entire team. It is useful when exchanging sensitive data from team members or when you want to handle the customer’s personal data in a safe way.
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How to manage teams and share logins

You can share access and login information between team members

This video explains how to share passwords. Before you can share a password, you need to create a team, which is explained as well. The video also explains the team settings such as team details, roles, rights and general team management. Due to Pcrypts high security standard it is required for users to be part of a team before anything can be shared, this is a necessary but simple requirement.
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How to use the Browser Extension

Always at your fingertips

This video explains how to install and use the browser extension, you get a fast and easy user experience while maximizing security. It is very convenient since it allows you to automatically login to websites and new logins/passwords are automatically saved into your Pcrypt account.
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How to use the Mobile App

The mobile app gives you a powerful access to your encrypted data

The overall system is designed to provide easy and intuitive use of Password Crypt. You can have all your passwords on the go and access them whenever they are needed. Your passwords and data are always synchronized no matter if you access it from mobile, web or browser extension.

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