Our Team

Benny Nissen

Back-end developer

Amin Durani

Business developer

Raf Andersson

Front-end developer

Our Advisory Board

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide easy team collaboration and secure handling of access credentials. This is done with a Password Manager called Password Crypt.

Passwords are a shared secret: you establish your identity by revealing something you know — ideally, something only you know. It’s a form of single-factor authentication. It is more or less the only thing that can not be taken from you easy and have generic input facilities everywhere. Other systems only complement passwords as a second factor for security control – passwords will not go away for a long time.

We give people online password security by allowing them to use random and longer passwords with a tool that in itself has the highest possible security standards and is easy to use and understand.

In essence everybody should have there own unique passwords but in practice passwords are shared between people – we make this process more secure.

When we develop a new product, we first think about our customers. We anticipate their needs, respect their ideas and work together with them.

Our Story

The development of Password Crypt started in 2010 as Benny Nissen, one of the current owners of Password Crypt, needed a better tool for Password Management. He was not satisfied with products that was on the market. At first it was made as a personal tool for himself and close friends/family. Development was slow as Benny had other companies to run.

At some point around 2015 he decided to make it into a more professional and commercial product and got other people on the team to complement his abilities. A front end developer and a commercial person joined the team.

With focused sparring and beta test we found out the features that was needed and the company Password Crypt ApS was established in 2016 in Denmark (European Union) with the business objective to development and sell Password Crypt.

In 2017 Password Crypt was tested against OWASP guide lines by the Alexandra Institute a part of Aarhus University and passed.

In 2018 marketing of Password Crypt started.