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What is Centralized User Management?

In today’s tumultuous world of ever-increasing online applications and business services, the IT departments have to go through a pressing toil of multitasking which encompasses a good deal of accounts and identities management in addition to access management to specific services. A centralized user management system works no less than a hand of a savior to save the IT department from getting caught up in the web of ever-increasing user identities and application service requests. This technique allows the IT to control and manage the user data which is entering and leaving the application or service ecosystem without actually dictating who shall grant the access rights.

By offering you an opportunity to manage and create user and server privileges, security and authentication services, centralized user management lets you control the servers and user requests from within the comfort and security of your hosting environment. Due to this feature, centralized user management eliminates the efficiency losses which come along with the usage of individual server management, and local user accounts for the accomplishment of said purposes.

The need for Centralized user management system:

Prevent data breaches:

With the rise in the number of software applications and online business, the crown jewels, i.e., confidential information of any company is now cloud-based or present online. Although this feature has perks of its own, the challenges are very significant as well. Because of negligence on behalf of IT and the ever-evolving complexity of hackers, the reported number of online data breaches has skyrocketed over the past decade. Centralized user management system is the simple solution to control the external access user information within the company’s ecosystem.

Consistent policy implementation:

Cloud-based and decentralized application centers and online services allow you to attract international talent and recruit users of your own choice. However, as the servers exposed to global access, the risks of fraudulent activities and data breaches are also very high. A centralized user management system reduces the operational complexities regarding management and controlling of user accounts and server requests. This way, centralized user management reduces risks by improving the security of applications and online servers through efficient management of user requests.

Benefits of Centralized user management:


  • Offers more control:


Centralized user management system is a reliable way of managing user accounts and controlling server requests efficiently and securely. With the help of centralized user management, the IT departments can better access and manipulate the server requests and monitor the user accounts without dictating which user account shall enroll within the application or online services platform. It means that with a streamlined flow of data, the information exchanges can confine to the company’s premises with little to no effort.


  • Enhances security:


IT can make use of centralized user management to monitor the activities of user accounts regarding company data exchanges. The control which centralized user management system offers the IT over server privileges eliminates any chances of phishing, hacking, malware and ransomware attacks. Since only privileged users can access the confidential data while remaining in company’s ecosystem, the opportunities of data breaches and online security threats reduced to a significant degree.


  • Tiered security Access:


Unlike the decentralized user management system, the Centralized user management system offers an opportunity to extend access rights to resellers and further to the customers of those resellers. The delegated administration model can make use of this security design to extend access rights to perform tasks efficiently through tiered security access covering the user accounts.


  • Cost efficient:


By offering a single and coherent controlling and security management system for user accounts and server privileges, Centralized user management eliminates the additional costs of managing local servers, and individual user accounts for granting of access rights and service privileges to new user requests.


  • Simple design:


Centralized user management system features a single and straightforward design which offers brilliant functionalities. This system not only keeps an active control over the user accounts for the provision of associated rights but also avoids any conflicts and confusions between the locally maintained related accounts and passwords. Centralized user management is a powerful way of aiding the service provider staffs and works seamlessly to manage user accounts and server requests.

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