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Password Crypt is the best online tool to take back control over your private and shared passwords.

How it works

Pcrypt gives you the highest protection and safety combined with an intuitive design and functionality, regardless if you are using your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.
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Pcrypt provides a simple overview of all your passwords and logins. With just one click you can now log into all your usual websites.

Safe and secure

Your logins, passwords and other data are top secured with 256-bit AES standard, that means nobody are able to access your data, not even the team behind PasswordCrypt.


You can share your passwords and logins with your team and still ensure a complete overview of what you are sharing. With Pcrypt you don’t have to compromise security with the daily hustle and bustle.

Easy and secure access

With our smartphone App and browser extensions you will always be able to get a smooth experience no matter where you are and what device you are using.

Expert Reviews

Password Crypt is used daily by thousands of individuals as well as corporate companies. With so many logins and passwords required in our daily life, we are proud to provide a secure and safe solution no matter if it is the kids’ iPad code or the code of your online banking, you can safely trust PasswordCrypt.

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